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The College of Science and Health will strengthen the collaboration and resources available to its health- and science-related academic units.鈥疶he newly launched school will also enhance the University鈥檚 ability to respond to employers鈥 emerging needs and better prepare students for careers in health and sciences.

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Mike Hulsizer
Dean of the College of Science and Health

鈥淪tudents are increasingly seeking out careers in science and health fields, and St. Louis has an abundance of opportunities for post-graduate success.鈥

Mike Hulsizer

The College of Science and Health Prepares Students for Real-World Careers

College of Science and Health faculty members are passionate about what they teach, and the students are just as passionate about what they have to learn to launch their careers, while developing lasting relationships along the way.  


[Ambient electronic music playing]

[Footage of students walking outside of Webster鈥檚 Interdisciplinary Science Building]

Text on screen: 小草社区: College of Science and Health

Nysa, student: I really enjoy the hands-on activities that we do from labs to help me to better learn things.

[Footage of student and faculty working in a biology lab]

Text on screen: Hands-on experience with state-of-the-art facilities.

Dave Reddy, faculty: There's a lot of high-impact experiences customized to something that they really enjoy doing.

[Footage of exercise science student running on treadmill with faculty overseeing]

Mary Preuss, faculty: It's not just getting in the lab and learning technical skills. It really is developing them also as a professional.

Text on screen: Classrooms and labs designed for learning.

[Footage of students in anatomy and physiology class]

Kinza, student: There are 7 to 10 people in one class, so I feel like you're able to connect with people based off your interests, and like even doing research with them that really bonds you in a way that you wouldn't expect.

[Footage of students in various labs and classroom environments]

Text on screen: Expert Faculty with real-world experience.

Sarah, student: All of the professors, they just care so much about you here. And I've had every single professor that I've interacted with has cared that you succeed.

Text on screen: Providing internships and experience in the field.

[Footage of Nursing/DNAP student in a hospital working a clinical rotation]

Vicki Callan, faculty: By the time our students graduate, they really are prepared to walk into any environment.

[Footage of DNAP students performing an ultrasound with professor's guidance]

Victoria Brown-Kennerly, faculty: It takes students to a place where they start to own their work and they become very confident, and they become young scholars - and that evolution is wonderful.

[Footage of Faculty teaching class while laughing and smiling]

[Footage of Webster flag waving in front of the Interdisciplinary Science Building]

Current and projected workforce estimates in the United States highlight the critical need for universities to educate and train the next generation of mental health professionals.

A diverse group of students sit and stand in a semi-circle looking at and discussing a textbook in a classroom setting.

Program Spotlight: Counseling

A diverse group of students sit and stand in a semi-circle looking at and discussing a textbook in a classroom setting.

Dual Degree in Psychology with an Emphasis in Mental Health and Counseling

Webster鈥檚 innovative 3-2+ program will help students meet the demand for mental health professionals, and you can earn a bachelor鈥檚 degree in psychology and a master鈥檚 degree in counseling in as little as five years.

Learn more about the Dual BA/MA Degree

Webster's MA in Counseling program combines classroom education and hands-on field experience to learn theory and skills needed to work with individuals, couples, families and children in a variety of mental health settings.

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